Industry - Healthcare

Location - South West London

Partners - The Digital Line, WDSi

Technology - More information coming soon...

  • Halo is working with its partners to introduce technology for the benefit of both residents and staff, focusing on two main areas: suffering residents and those in the dementia unit. 


  • We have found an innovative solution to help residents with simple day to day tasks. This automation alleviates workloads on staff, allowing them to focus on more meaningful tasks. But it also liberates residents helping them to feel more confident.


  • This solution has evolved into handling more complex, personal queries whilst remaining seamless and non-invasive.


  • Halo and its partners are also building a fully immersive environment tailored for stimulation. More information on this project will follow soon...


  • Furthermore, we are exploring the use of visual communication tools to reinforce the feelings and wellbeing of residents. 


  • With in-house expertise for Data Science and Machine Learning, these projects are further enriched with insights as a service.

Care Home in South West London

  • More information coming soon...

Using technology to improve, extend and enrich the lives of elderly residents suffering from illness. 


Industry - Sport

Location - Global

Technology - Data Science, Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Internet of Things

  • TAGPAY is an Internet of Things safeguarding and currency solution working primarily in the Sports industry. Some of TAGPAY's customers include FC Barcelona, Juventus, Arsenal and West Ham FC.

  • Halo is working with TAGPAY to build a fully connected future where no player, parent or coach is missed out.

  • We are bringing greater levels of visibility, interaction, enjoyment and value from Sport for all parties.

  • Halo is providing expertise in the area of Machine Learning, Data Science and Innovation to improve internal and external operations. 

  • Halo deployed Robotic Process Automation bots to reduce internal operations by 85%.

  • More information to follow... 


  • Data Science

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Machine Learning

  • Internet of Things

TAGPAY are transforming safeguarding and customer experience within the global Sports industry.